Our Courses

  • HSK2-6

HSK Intensive Course

1. This course focuses on reviewing, consolidating and practicing the grammar of HSK.
2. It also teaches relevant exam skills and strategies.
3. Through a large number of real exam training, we ensure that that you have a good knowledge reserve to take the HSK test, and achieve excellent results.

  • Intermediate

Elementary Practice Course

1. This course is for beginners to learn authentic and practical Chinese expressions in 12 real life situations. (Such as in a cafe, at a train station, in a hospital, with Didi driver or a cleaning lady).
2. The course focuses on sentence patterns. We will also learn related vocabulary, grammar.
3. This course can practice the comprehensive ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing to help learners better adapt to life and study in China.

  • Advanced

Advanced Audio-Visual Speaking

1. This course uses documentaries as teaching materials, covering 12 topics such as childbirth, left-behind children and retirement system,etc.
2. It can train the ability to express your opinions independently and clearly.
3. After the study, students can have a deeper understanding of various social conditions and cultural systems in China.

  • Advanced

Chinese Reading Masterclass

1. It is suitable for HSK5 and above students who are interested in advanced Chinese language and different cultures.
2. Through this course, learners can improve their vocabulary, long sentences and paragraphs efficiently.
3. At the same time, students can improve their writing ability through imitation.

  • Beginner-Intermediate

Teens & Kids Regular

1. This course is designed for non-Chinese teens&kids (age4-12).
2.It adopts a holistic approach, and isdesigned to emphasize the development of communication skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.
3. Through the natural combination of language, topic and culture, this course helps teenagers and kids to improve their comprehensive Chinese ability from the two aspects of learningChinese knowledge and cultivating language communication skills.

  • Beginner-Intermediate

Teens & Kids Short

1. Short courses are offered in winter or summer, and usually last from one week to four weeks.
2. In the field of Chinese education for young children, this course has established a complete and unique Chinese education system for young children through unremitting efforts.